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Friday, April 30, 2021

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She is credited with advancing the genre of confessional poetry and is best known for two of her published collections, The Colossus and Other Poems and Ariel , as well as The Bell Jar , a semi-autobiographical novel published shortly before her death in The Collected Poems were published in , which included many previously unpublished works. For this collection Plath was awarded a Pulitzer Prize in Poetry in , making her the fourth to receive this honour posthumously. She married fellow poet Ted Hughes in , and they lived together in the United States and then in England. Their relationship was tumultuous, as Plath wrote in letters about the abuse she suffered at his hands. Plath was clinically depressed for most of her adult life, and was treated multiple times with electroconvulsive therapy ECT.

Sylvia Plath

"Glory of Women" by Siegfried Sassoo: Analysis and Summary Free Essay Sample

She upset many nineteenth century expectations for women and their supposed roles. One of her most shocking actions was her denial of her role as a mother and wife. Kate Chopin displays this rejection gradually, but the concept of motherhood is major theme throughout the novel. Edna is fighting against the societal and natural structures of motherhood that force her to be defined by her title as wife of Leonce Pontellier and mother of Raoul and Etienne Pontellier, instead of being her own, self-defined individual. These women are the examples that the men around Edna contrast her with and from whom they obtain their expectations for her. Edna, however, finds both role models lacking and begins to see that the life of freedom and individuality that she wants goes against both society and nature.

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Februar in Primrose Hill , London war eine amerikanische Schriftstellerin. Sylvia Plaths Literatur wird zumeist im Kontext ihrer Lebensgeschichte gewertet. Plath wurde zu einer Symbolfigur der Frauenbewegung stilisiert und ihre Lebensgeschichte als Spiegelbild der Rolle der Frau in der Gesellschaft verstanden. Sylvia Plath war acht Jahre alt, als ihr Vater starb. Kurz nach seinem Tod begann sie mit dem Schreiben.
Examples of Metaphors in Poems A metaphor is a figure of speech that makes a comparison between two things that are usually unlike each other, and it replaces the word for one object with that of another. You can usually find metaphors in many literary works and even in the lyrics of songs. So it is not that uncommon for you to also encounter metaphors within the world of poetry every now and then.
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