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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

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The Lessons from the Classroom CELTA assignment is slightly more accessible than other assignments on the course, but it still deserves your full attention to complete it to a high level. It is also an extremely beneficial experience as it engages you in a form of reflective practice. This is not only helpful for your development as a teacher, but reflecting in this way can also help you in other professional and personal domains. This assignment is also a great opportunity to show that you have been continuously learning and applying what your tutors have told you throughout your CELTA course. Either way, this post follows the rubric and guidance from the Cambridge CELTA syllabus, as found on their official site.

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Free Articles. The degree of pupils for which the article and undertakings are intended is intermediate. I think pupils will be interested in reading an interview with Jamie Oliver because nutrient tends to be a cosmopolitan subject that everyone can associate to. Despite the fact that different nationalities and civilizations have different culinary arts, overall, people all around the universe love nutrient and bask speaking about it. He is seen on many Television shows and his books have made him a familiar face all over the universe, so there is a good opportunity the pupils, who have different nationalities, have heard of Jamie Oliver. Additionally, a healthy life style has become a really current subject which is why this article is interesting and relevant stuff, suited for reading activities. The text has a good length, around 1 A4.

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Get access to this section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals. The learners reside in London and come from EIJ countries mostly Italy , and motives for learning the English language vary. The age factor of the students may suggest different needs and cognitive skills, however all the students are competent to a pre- intermediate level of the English language.
Topic 3 on the CELTA gave me a solid overview of how to plan a receptive skills lesson, and the basics I learnt from this module still underpin my practice. Here is a copy of my assignment , and here is a link to the authentic text on the BBC website. So, you have to prove you can do all of the above in a written assignment.
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