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Saturday, May 1, 2021

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And I think the potential problems of increased life expectancy that she identifies are concerns a lot of people share. In fact, there are a lot of ethical arguments against life extension as my sister is wont to remind me. Religious concerns! Social Security!

Moral and Ethical Issues in Gene Therapy

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What justifies our holding one person over another morally responsible for a past action? Why am I justified in having a special prudential concern for one particular future person over all others? Why do many of us think that maximizing the good within a single life is perfectly acceptable, but maximizing the good across lives is wrong? For these and other normative questions, it looks like any answer we come up with will have to make essential reference to personal identity.

Is gene therapy a form of eugenics?

Genetics is an academic discipline that studies the genes and heredity in living organisms. The study of genetics takes place in many universities in the world today. From the discovery of DNA structure to gene sequencing that is behind human life, tremendous progress has been achieved.
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