How To Start A Gas Fireplace With A Switch

How To Start A Gas Fireplace With A Switch

How To Start A Gas Fireplace With A Switch. Tried once last year but it didnt get going. Take the neutral line and connect it to the n input.

How To Start A Gas Fireplace With A SwitchHow To Start A Gas Fireplace With A Switch
How To Have A Smart Switch For Gas Fireplace? DIY Smart Home Hub from

Once the gas has started to come into the system. So, i am renovating the area, and instead of just This will then allow the gas to start flowing into the system.

Push In The Pilot Knob And It Will Send Gas To The System.

Then, pull the switch back just far enough to allow for access to the dual wires located on the side of the switch. If you have an electronic ignition unit, using your remote control simply press the ‘on’ button and the pilot will. Ignite a long lighter and place it next to the pilot burner.

Connect The Wires To Them.

Locate the control panel on the fireplace and open it. Ensure that any pilot lights are also. The knob should be turned from the off to thepilot position.

Slide The Provided Spade Connectors Onto The Stripped Ends Of The Wires In The Gas Fireplace Control Panel.

Unscrew the switch cover plate (flat screw set 1) and the switch itself (flat screw set 2) with a flat screwdriver. Show activity on this post. Insert the end of the key into the keyhole until it locks in place.

Rotate The Key In The Keyhole To Adjust The Height Of The Flame As Needed.

Check for a loose wire connection on the terminals. Once this is done, push the knob inwards to begin the gas. Once the wiring is free from the switch unit, bypass the wall switch by touching the two wires together.

You Can Turn This Switch Back To “On,” But It Should Not Be Lit At This Point.

Next, unscrew the wires from the wall switch and pull them off. Twist the shutoff valve to make it bring it parallel to the gas line. Identify the sw input of the relay.


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